In just 52 days, we will be waking up early on the morning of the day you will be taking my last name, becoming part of my family, and most importantly, becoming my wife. this day is something i have thought of so much ever since the day i asked you to marry me, and even beforehand. i had never once even entertained the idea of marriage until you and i started seeing one another, eventually dating. i think i knew from very, very early on that one day i was going to marry you. the fact i was even thinking about it scared me, it was definitely not a thought that had ever crossed my mind before. people always say then when they met their soulmate, they just knew right away that this person was it for them. i think that’s what happened when i met you. in my mind i was just like...this is it. she is it. there was no question about it, no wondering, nothing. it definitely was an instance i never thought would be something that would happen to me, of all people. it always seemed like one of those scenarios that only happens in movies, or on extremely rare occasion to two people in actual, real life, and never for a second did i think i’d ever be one of those people. from day one you have always let your personality shine, while i am more quiet, shy, a bit more reserved, you are so carefree, loving, passionate, and such a free spirit. i think that helps balance us out so much. we are so opposite, but in ways the compliment each other so well. i always feel so undeserving of this love, of this feeling that i have every single day. i know i express that to you pretty often - that i don’t know how much stupid antics and mistakes in my past have somehow led me here, with you, with someone that loves me and appreciates me so unconditionally, but you are just something i have needed in my life for such a long time. i was on such a bad path before i met you, i was self-destructive and depressed. i was never the type of person that leaned on another person for happiness or anything like that, but i can confidently say you have changed my outlook on life so much in the last year, and i will never, ever be able to thank you enough for that. i am the patrick kane that people know today, in this very moment, because of you. you have saved me in a lot of ways, not only always helping me better my career, cheering me on, but helping me through my sobriety, even on days where i wanted to give in to temptations and ruin everything i've worked for up to this point. you're my main source of support whenever i need it. when i'm on the road, you drop every obligation that you can to be there with me, and you never complain. you're happy to be there to support me, to support the blackhawks (or you're at least really good at pretending to be happy haha), and i know the hockey season can get exhausting, yet you've always powered through it with me with a smile on your face. i am grateful for you beyond what any string of words could ever tell you. thank you for everything you have brought to my life in the last year. i can't wait to see what more years bring us together as a team, you and me, and i promise i will always do everything in my power to make you the happiest wife in the world.