04/02/16 • mozzarella fingers. • all star game - nashville. • "i hate when they boo you." • i adore you so much, babe. • brazil vacation home. • curls. • cannes 2016. • "be in my life for always." "until the world runs out of onion rings." • love at first ignore. • "as long as i'm with you, i'm good." • i was so nervous. • failed 2016-17 nhl fantasy draft. • movie nights. • not drinking. • like a burrito. • are you todays date? cause you're 10/10. • bahamas with the boys. • cupcake halves. • sneaking candy into bed when i'm asleep so you don't have to share. • "i'm so glad i found you." • your crazy matches my crazy, big time. • your mean slap shot. • the 'ahhh! real mosters' dress • all your questions • game 5 of the world series, CUBBIES WIN AT WRIGLEY. • artemi panarin. • "i'm excited just to be in the same room as you." • babe in leather jackets. • DALLAS. • stranger things. • "you are the good part of my day, every day." • bugs bunny and lola halloween 2016. • clint malarchuk • you're my better halve. • 11/19/16. • "how lucky am i to have someone who will just hold my hand until i fall asleep?" • factime sleeps • "i love you so much idk how i human sometimes" • 3885 miles • "you're my globe."

i still don't know what it was that made you insist i talk to you. i had ignored you the very first time you ever tried to speak to me because i was so sure you had messaged me by mistake. there was no way you actually meant to talk to me. but you tried AGAIN the next day and that's when i thought okay, maybe it wasn't an accident. you came into my life during some of my darkest times. i was so incredibly sure you wouldn't be sticking around for long. you didn't know anything about me, and as soon as i had opened up to you after a while i was completely positive that we would be going our separate ways at that point and never to speak again. but you didn't run. you talked to me like a human being and we had such a deep conversation that i needed so fucking badly and it was that moment i realized that i had feelings for you that were much deeper than just a friendship and i'll admit, that freaked me out.


i've changed a lot over the last year, for the better. you gave me a chance and went into this relationship knowing i didn't have a good reputation. you became not only my girlfriend but even before that you quickly became my best friend too and i fell for you so fast and i came to learn that you fell just as quickly. i can't thank you enough for taking that chance on me. for showing me a love i felt so undeserving of and still do. every day i work to become a person you are proud to be with. i've fought a lot of battles with an addiction that was doing me no good for so many years, i surrounded myself with people that were a bad influence on me, and i put myself into horrible situations. it was once you came along that i was really able to pick myself up from off the floor, get my shit together, and stop feeling so god damn sorry for myself. you have taught me so much and you continue to every day even when you don't realize it.

thank you for everything. for bringing so much joy and pure, genuine happiness to my life over the last 365 days. for making me open my eyes and realize so many things. for making the colors brighter and the sounds louder. for making the movies better and the jokes funnier. you are a fucking angel sent from God himself directly into my life to help me better myself, to become a good person, and to lead me on a good path in life that i was straying from. i cannot wait to marry you and make you the happiest woman in the world for the rest of your life.

here's to many, many more anniversaries.

i love you.